A Personalised Generator for Writing Articles

A Personalised Generator for Writing Articles

Taking inspiration from my work (publishing ideas tables for tabletop games) to create random tables for creating my own games.

Needing a Boost

Writing articles has been harder recently, partially because I keep forgetting until the last minute. But happy to keep on persevering for a while.

And to help me I've built a random generator for creating my own ideas! Inspired partly by a recent article on new article ideas, and a generator for getting out of the flat each morning on an adventure.

There are existing tools out there to create random ideas for articles, but they tend to be quite general. These are specifically for me, knowing what I know about what's important to me and how I work. No doubt the tables will change over time.

To generate an idea, I'm going to roll two 6-sided dice on each table for an "action" and a "subject", got get an idea.

2d6 Article Idea - Subject

  • 2 - Bring colours to...
  • 3 - Learn about...
  • 4 - Organise...
  • 5 - Open up to...
  • 6 - Reflect on...
  • 7 - Energise...
  • 8 - Paint...
  • 9 - Change...
  • 10 - Delete...
  • 11 - Discuss...
  • 12 - Create...

2d6 Article Idea - Object

  • 2 - Podcasts
  • 3 - Creatives
  • 4 - Emotions
  • 5 - Portugal
  • 6 - Games
  • 7 - Future
  • 8 - Dance
  • 9 - Relationships
  • 10 - Blogs
  • 11 - Money
  • 12 - Painting

So for example, a 10 on Action would be "Delete..." and a 12 on Subject would be "Painting" for Delete Painting as the article theme. So I could write about getting rid of some of the painting I'm doing, or the equipment I've got, or trying out some techniques that only use two colours, or whether I need to reduce the amount of time on what I'm doing. All just ideas!

You could easily make a table for yourself for something you want to make decisions about! Quite often the important thing isn't which decision to make, but making one and then making the most of it!

Finishing Up

So it needs test, and for my next article I will have the theme.. Energise... Dance.


Enjoy your week! x



Duncan is an aspiring creative nomad, who publishes random lists and tools for roleplaying games. Hobbies include salsa, games, books, podcasts, languages and history.
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