Starting a Creative Book Club

Starting a Creative Book Club

My coffee group for creatives in Porto has started a book club...

[Photo by Tom Hermans on Unsplash]

Continuing to Evolve

Last year I started a Meetup in Porto - Coffee Creatives. It's going fine and applying the idea of Keep on Moving it's trying some new formats. These include supporting other creative groups, trying different cafes and soon some creative activities.

And a Book Club for creative books. I've joined a couple of book clubs in Porto which use a theme, such as "books you hate" or "fantasy". I've also been in book clubs which read a particular book each time, and this is one of those!

Creative Book Club

I wanted a themed and more focused regular event for a meetup and a book club around a particular book on creativity makes sense. If people really like a book we can possibly setup specific meetups / a group around it. Hearing other opinions about a book can be a fascinating and sometimes frustrating experience.

The twist is that people don't need to read (or listen to) the book or all of it. I'm not a great fan of the book clubs which follow a particular book. But for a non-fiction on a theme such as this, I think hearing other people's opinions is valuable. And people can read a synopsis or find some other summary to get an idea of what we are covering.

Our first one was the Artist's Way by Juliet Cameron and our next is the War of Art by Stephen Pressfield. I'll be getting ideas from our regulars and past creative audiobooks!

Finishing Up

Have you created your own book club around a particular theme?

I might do another article about book clubs in general 🤔.

Happy reading!



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