Coffee Creatives in Porto

Coffee Creatives in Porto

Sometimes we get to try a previous idea in another environment.

Starting Over

When we go somewhere new, like a new place to live, in a new job or relationship we get to do things differently.

Repeating and tweaking the things that have worked well. And leave other things behind.  To learn from past mistakes

This can be liberating and a great source of hope, as we think of what might be.

The Coffee Creatives

One of the things I'm proud of from Devon was starting the Exeter (and Exmouth) Coffee Creatives. It was a way to meet like-minded people in a casual setting.

Several friendships came from the group and it informed lots of my views about creativity. Without it this blog would probably still just be an idea.

We kept it going through Covid and it provided a lifeline to several people in online and in person meetups who needed social contact.

It's still going without me, which is also a good sign.

And now I get to do the same in Porto.

We Are All Creatives

It's based on principle that we are all creatives, but some don't have people we can talk to in our lives about our creatives. People to support them and listen to their projects or creative thoughts.

I try to make it as easy as possible, with events on weekdays and weekdays. I've charged a nominal fee (£1) to help with costs.

Porto Coffee Creatives

The same applies in Porto. There is a mix of internationals and locals here, digital nomads and those will full time creative jobs.

I'll try a few weekend and weekday events. Possibly a different name. Events fine in Portuguese or English and maybe some in one or the other. Events with a talking point if its needed or people like the idea.

I've found a couple places to run a group and might try meeting in one of the parks.

And now I've got accountability by publishing this post!

Finishing Up

Do you have a group like this? Could you start one?

Enjoy the rest of the day :)




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