A Plant-Based English Fry-Up

A Plant-Based English Fry-Up

For some a blasphemy, for others a marvel.

[Photo by Seriously Low Carb on Unsplash]

A History of English Breakfast

Growing up we started most days with bacon, egg and sausage. Dad seemed to be powered by them.

After leaving home the tradition of a fry-up continued for special occasions, eating out, cooked at home or made at a dance weekender.

In years past there I had two breakfast tours in Exeter searching for the best place for a full English breakfast. Boston's and Fuel are now both long gone.

When my diet changed I did continuous, heavy and unscientific research on meatless English fry-ups.

So here plant-based version is now available, as cooked at home by moi after a few iterations.


  • Vegan Sausages (best quality you can find)
  • Mushrooms
  • Baked Beans
  • Scrambled Tofu (recipe from Simple Vegan Blog)
  • Tomatoes (not from a tin)
  • Toast (or fried bread). Best served with plant butter.
  • Some kind of potato. Vegan waffles or vegan hash browns are good. Sauteed potatoes are the best. Not chips. Chips should never belong in an English Breakfast.
  • Optional. Avocado. A cup of tea. Friend seitan
  • Definite no-no's. Chips, Salad, Veggie (or vegan) Bacon. These things do not on a fry-up belong.


  • Cook everything how you like. Fry or oven or grill. Make sure it's mostly hot at the same time. Do the toast last.

Finishing Up

If you don't like cooking your own I can recommend Sundowners in Exmouth.

Any changes you'd make? (not including bringing meat or dairy back in)

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