Creativity Cycle Overview

Time to start a series of articles on creativity for myself and to help others! Creativity Cycle So I've been doing the creativity bit for a while. Researching (loosely), reading and

Favourite Bits of Devon (and UK)

When you live away from somewhere, you find out what you like about it most. [Photo by Robert Bye on Unsplash] Devon Delights I'm back in the UK for a week

Games Old, New, Borrowed and Blue

I'm not a bride (for several reasons), but I liked it as something to reflect changes in work/gaming life. Gaming Upheavals and Challenges My hobby of tabletop roleplaying games (rpgs)

Games in Porto, or A Lack Of

I love games, yet play none in Porto! All the Games, but None in Porto Games of all kinds have been important to me and family. Monopoly, scrabble and cards gave way to