New Spring, New Horizons

The decision to try writing gamebooks seems to bring other benefits! Sometimes Plans are Long... I'm going to try writing gamebooks for a living. This is the first time in my

New Direction, New Book

Another quick one today, but significant for me! A New Direction A few months ago, I mentioned I was writing a book, and the time has come to take that more seriously! Five

A Sense of Peace

This morning I went to the market in Bolhão for a coffee and to people watch. And then I had no pressing need to accomplish anything or go anywhere... A Momentary Moment It

A New City of Portugal

I've moved cities in Portugal, so thinking about what it means. New City, Old City The new city is actually Vila Nova de Gaia, just across the Douro from Porto and

Reflecting on....Blogs

So today's blog is another quick one, with the random subject of Reflect on..Blogs Blogs to Reflect On Today is one of those in-between times, as I'm meant