Creative Cycle: Who are The Creatives

I'm writing some articles on Creavity, today looking at different people who define as creatives. This is one that will get expanded in the future! Humans are All Creative Firstly all

And Now Research Begins: Book Writing!

Realising now what needs researching for a gamebook Book Progress A brief one this time, as lots of spare time in trying to finish first draft of book for November. Draft means a

I'm Writing a Book!

So I'm writing the draft of a book for November! November Writing Challenge NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month, where writers are supposed to do 50,000 words and maybe submit

Creative Audiobooks for 2023

Following on previous articles on Audiobooks and Podcasts, here are creative audiobooks for 2023. These are available in dead tree formats too. I haven't linked to the Audiobooks as I don&