Maintenance and Upkeep Cleaning (of Tags)

Maintenance and Upkeep Cleaning (of Tags)

Often the things we need to do aren't sexy, or particularly riveting.

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Important Everyday Maintenance

Maintenance and lists and sorts and throw outs are all important parts of our lives.

We often put them off or leave them to a rainy day. Which may or may not happen.

But they are needed for... nearly everything. Not every day but at some point. The essential tasks that make up the bulk of being.

Sometimes we work them into habits, or a pair them with other activities. Or use accountability partners.

I found Gretchen Rubin's work on the Four Tendencies really helpful in becoming self-awareness on this topic. Here's the Four Tendencies Quiz if you are curious. I'm a Questioner

Have a Think About Your Life Infrastructure

So have a little interrupt and have a think about how you approach the essential things in your life.

Are the little things essential tasks you dread or like doing? Or maybe a mix?

Are you a list user? Do you attack tasks in one big sweep or attack them little by little?

Is there some kind of plan to how your sorts and throw-outs and maintenance are done or are they spontaneous?

If you make a task list are you likely to go through it or leave it be?

Dice Song Upkeep

Which brings me to Tags. More specifically the Tags of Dice Song.

I've found writing blog posts about things a good way to get them done. So writing about updating my tags makes me have to go through the list and review them.

In Future of Dice Song I talked about new directions and letting old things lapse.

So I've been through the Tag list and thought about where things are going

Deleted Tags with 1 or 2 Instances Include - Affiliates, Board Games, Crafts, Creative Communities, Creative Groups, Dance, Europe, Evergreen Articles, Goals, Identity, Marketing, Movement, Plant-Based, Polski, Positive Interruptions, The Blue Box, Roleplaying Games, Self-Improvement, Weird Stuff, World Building

That doesn't mean these things aren't important to me or won't make a return. It just means they don't fit the current narrative or have enough content to be tagged separately.

Legacy and to be Reviewed Tags. Adapting, Dreams, Drawing, Environment, Tales of Short Words, Creative Projects, Fantasy, Lifestyle, Wellbeing, Travel, Life Goals, Creative Musings, Resources, Rambling

These are tags with a fair amount of content that I'll come back to in 3 or 6 months and reconsider. They may be too generic or no longer support where the blog is going. Or could be important but don't have many articles around the yet.

Tags I want to Keep Audiobooks, Coffee Creatives, Creative Inputs, Experiments, Getting Start, Dice Song, Languages, Podcasts, Questions

Tags for the Future / New Dice Song - Creative Messages,  Keep on Moving, Blogging, Everyone is a Creative, Evolve Bit by Bit, Writing, Story Icons

Core tags and ones important for the next few months at least.

I also found out that using Ghost I can do more things with Tags on the blog. I can delete them, give them images and descriptions and things with twitter, facebook and SEO.

Finishing Up

What maintenance and upkeep have you been putting off or really needs your attention?

Find me on Facebook or Twitter or Insta. Or maybe I should add a contact form.

Comments is on my tasks list!




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