Future of Dice Song

Future of Dice Song

So my little-known blog will continue. But changes are afoot!

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Drawing A Line

It's time to shift perspective and focus for the blog. It started as a place to explore my thoughts and see where I wanted to go.

Now it's time to choose a direction and go in it.

So here is a rough agenda for the future!

Switching from Inward to Outward

I've been mostly focused on my own ramblings and exploring where to go with the blog.

So it's time to see what I can teach others and maybe interact more with the outside world. I'll try to reflect that in the words and tone I use.

And answering questions from readers!

Things to Keep Going

Creativity will remain a theme of the blog, as one of my creative messages is "We Are All Creatives". There will be a series of articles on how we can increase our creativity, or remove some of the things that are blocking and getting in it's way.

Things I've been trying out or wanting to explore. And no doubt more creative articles on drawing, writing, roleplaying games and ideas.

Next up is a few repeating annual posts such as recommendations for audiobooks and podcasts. There might be a top 5 books or blogs added to those.

Then posts about Story Icons will come in as the project goes onto it's next steps. I'm hoping to learn more about collaboration which is one of my weak points. And it's a project that fascinates me.

There will be a section of Random posts of bits that take my fancy, including bits on languages and things that take my fancy.

Things to Leave Behind

I've already written the last of the rambles, which while fun have performed their duty.

Side Projects were a focus of the blog when I was starting out, with Dice Song a side project of it's own. But I've not written much about it and it's not a topic which resonates with me at the moment. Maybe it's a sign of moving from side project to the next step.

Short Tales is another one to go, as it is mostly inward focused and limited in scope. While fun experiments with constraints are useful I'll have to find another filler for busy times.

Although there might be room for one more about Dice Song!

New Focuses

I'll try to reflect the creative message "Iterate Bit by Bit to Evolve" by applying it to the blog.

As the blog matures I'm hoping to look at blog resources, whether blogs are dead, the pros and cons of the Ghost platform, a bit of SEO, making of a new design, automation, finding better images and putting your personality into a blog.

And then some pruning of tags and questions around whether to delete old posts, look at analytics and other blog-related questions.

And the last creative message is "Keep on Moving". Most likely this will be explored by looking at places to walk, bits about travel, an evolving relationship with dance and finding ways to get movement while traveling. And also moving to a new place as it looks like the next phase of my life will be in Portugal.

Finishing Up

Looking forward writing the next phase of Dice Song for anyone who has read this far!

And finding a way to integrate in comments.




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