We Can All Draw

We Can All Draw

We can all do a doodle. Or draw a drawing. Or paint a painting. It may not make 'masterpiece' status, but it doesn't need to.

A Scrappy Example

The title picture is one of a computer mouse. A not particularly accurate one. But for the two minutes I concentrated on it I was focused on nothing else. And it got me a scrappy picture.

Many of us drew when we were younger. Or painted or sketched or used colours. And out of habit or fear or a unsupportive education system we don't anymore.

But we are all creatives and we can all draw.

The Benefits of Drawing

Making things is good for our self-confidence and a stress reliever.

Drawing, doodling, sketching, painting, colouring, rendering, depicting, tracing. These are all creative works.

The act of making a picture of some kind makes you focus. Maybe you get lost in flow. Maybe you complete it in 30 seconds or in chunks over a week or year.

It makes you pay attention more to things around. Small details become apparent. Understandings of colour, depth and context improve.

Ways to Experiments

I've been experimenting with ways to make drawing a part of my life, so here are some things that might help you.

  • Carry a notebook and something to draw with
  • Make a funny doodle once a day
  • Find someone to draw with. I've used Urban Sketchers (an organisation in many cities) before.
  • Make a quick sketch NOW. Limited to a minute
  • Find a guide / book / video to guide you through some basics
  • Colour in a colouring book!
  • Be fine with just drawing for yourself if that's what you want
  • Look into keeping an art journal
  • Draw in coffee / lunch / bus break
  • Do a self-portrait.

Finishing Up

Hope you find a way to start or continue on your creative journey!

Here's a picture I drew of a local celebrity, Henry the Dog. A piece of Exmouth History!



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