We Are All Creatives

We Are All Creatives

I've got a trio of creative messages I'm trying to use in my writings for the blog. The second is

"We Are All Creatives"

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Anyone Can Be a "Creative"

This follows on from my first creative message of "Iterate Bit by Bit to Evolve"

My original second message was something else, but yesterday I realised this was something that resonated.

The belief that all of humanity is inherently creative. Natural born problem solvers and thinkers who love to play and make. But many things in our modern world fight against that. Or at least discourage it.

Consumerism, the traditional gender roles, the definition of "creative types" being musicians, artists and dancers, filling time with "busy-ness", status, social media and mobile phones.

A Personal Thing

I think it resonates with me for two reasons.

One was for years I convinced myself I was a "techie" and therefore not particularly creative. Probably mostly down to a lack of self-awareness.

Second was running a creatives group. The people I met there taught me more about creative and how it is perceived than anything else. It was also frustrating seeing several super talented people who were frightened of their own creativity but were interested in the group.

A Message to be Explored

It's a theme I was thinking about a year ago and one that I'll continue to explore.

About how we lose our confidence in creativity somewhere in childhood.

On small ways to bring a little creativity into our lives.

On belief that we can be creative.

On sources of inspiration from creative authors to simple things around us.

On personal playgrounds to mess around in.

Finishing Up

A short blog post but a massive subject for sure.

Have you ever put the "creatives" in one box and yourself in another?

I should probably find a way to bring back post comments (that doesn't use Disqus)

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