Open to Abundance

Open to Abundance

Replacing one of the blog's creative messages

Iterating to Evolve with a Replacement Message

As one of the themes of Dice Song is creativity it has three creative messages to guide the articles. Keep on Moving and We Are All Creatives I'm totally happy with, but the third...

Iterate Bit by Bit to Evolve is true but feels like it should be part of Keep on Moving or overlaps alot with it. So it's evolving into a new Creative Message...

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Open to Abundance

If we're stuck in the past, holding on too much or always worrying about futures that might not happen, then we're missing much that is around us.

Open to Abundance is being prepared to accept the good things that come our way. Or see the opportunities that are already here.

Being open to all sorts of things is an important part of creativity to me, be it ideas, experiences or the people we let into our lives.

Bits of Inspiration

Two things that have brought this on are lots of listening to Leonie Dawson's podcast, and an Audiobook called the Source by Dr Tara Swart (also available as a normal book). The author is a neuroscientist with research to back up talk of our brain plasticity and manifesting better things in life.

I think for me it tied up many things around dreams, visualisation, being present, self-exploration and being open to experiences.

So "Open to Abundance" can join the other two creative messages as showing topics to write about and explore.

Finishing Up

Does "Open to Abundance" resonate with you?




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