Morning Adventures Table

Morning Adventures Table

More dice rolls to add positivity to life.

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Morning Adventures!

In addition to my Random Reward Rolls I've added a Morning Adventure roll to my morning routine.

As I work from home and alone, I try to get out of the flat each morning for a walk or a cafe. Instead of trying to think of things to do, I've added some positive uncertainty with a random table.

I'm rolling two 6-sided dice and comparing it against a list of things I'd be happy doing anyway. Essentially it's taking away some decision making and forcing me to get on with some things I might otherwise put off!

So far I've investigated new parks, found a nice patio garden, found an expensive patio garden, painted a couple of times outside and been to an art shop

So here's the most recent version.

2d6 Morning Adventure Roll

  • 2: Pastel de Nata
  • 3: Go to a park
  • 4: Paint outside
  • 5: Buy something on my list
  • 6: 1 hour of work before rolling again
  • 7: Roll on Reward Roll table
  • 8: Go to a new (or regular cafe)
  • 9: Brunch!
  • 10: Something not on the list
  • 11: Go to Market (Bolhão) or Beach
  • 12: A walk

Finishing Up

Not sure about keeping on writing a personal blog!



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