Games in Porto, or A Lack Of

Games in Porto, or A Lack Of

I love games, yet play none in Porto!

All the Games, but None in Porto

Games of all kinds have been important to me and family. Monopoly, scrabble and cards gave way to solo gamebooks, roleplaying games, computer games, board games and collectible card games.

And they still exist in my life as my work is writing for roleplaying games. I play online with my Devon group, either board games or RPGs. And I play some rpg games solo for research and work.

Yet where are my face to face games?

Subconsciously Avoiding

I've played some board games here in Porto, but haven't done so regularly and have no group for RPGs or board games in a face-to face contest. Possibly for the first time in my life! Even in my winter in Malaga I managed to find a few places to play games!

I think its been an unconscious thing. Avoiding it to force me to converse people without using games as a shield. Lots of people have been curious about RPGs, and there are places to play board games, but I've been avoiding both.

Me (and much of my family) have been activity based. We're happy playing a game or going on a walk or doing something with an objective. And so we can use it as our topic of conversation. But I have a harder time conversing without it.

I've done the same all my life with games and dance and other hobbies.

But I've been trying to get better at talking outside of activities. Organising creative coffees, coffees with friends, picnics. And I'm talking to people more at dancing. That seems to be the Portuguese way.

And to be fair without games (except weekly with Devon group) there's been more time for everything else!

Time for Games in Porto

But now Autumn is approaching, life is more settled in dancing and social, and my portuguese is improved.

Maybe it's time for a regular games night, to host and investigate the scene.

Maybe it's time for Games in Porto!

Finishing Up

So I had no blog post this weekend, so rolled on my Personalised Generator for Writing Articles. And got "reflect on" and "games".

And wrote first article using it!



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