Positive Randomness

Reflecting on....Blogs

So today's blog is another quick one, with the random subject of Reflect on..Blogs Blogs to Reflect On Today is one of those in-between times, as I'm meant

Games in Porto, or A Lack Of

I love games, yet play none in Porto! All the Games, but None in Porto Games of all kinds have been important to me and family. Monopoly, scrabble and cards gave way to

Morning Adventures Table

More dice rolls to add positivity to life. [Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash] Morning Adventures! In addition to my Random Reward Rolls I've added a Morning Adventure roll to my

Random Reward Rolls

Looking at ways to use randomness in a positive way. [Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash] Positive Randomness Randomness and uncertainty are part of life, some welcome and some not. Unwelcome ones might