A Year of Writing Articles

A Year of Writing Articles

A look at writing a personal blog started in Covid

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A Year of Writing

I started the blog in June 2020 and have written articles fortnightly for most of it. It's been my side project during covid.

It's been a year where Dice Song moved platforms (from Nikola using python to Ghost), had posts on side projects, creative inputs and a variety of random topics as I try different things to write about.

For me it's been a year about exploring Exmouth, living alone, self-motivation and losing dad. And starting to work as I travel. It's bean a year of upheavels in the UK with winter lockdown, social movements, holidays at home and other changes that go with Brexit and Covid.

Measuring Success

So what has Dicesong achieved?

Looking back one of my first posts I wanted a place to experiment with creativity and find the things I want to go deeper on. I'm happy with the variety of articles so far, getting out several that were cluttering up my headspace.

The second was to have a blog with purpose and to get input from others. This has been less successful. It's mostly been a place for me to mess around with writing and I feel I have yet to find my writing voice.

But I have managed regular posts by making it as easy and with a regular schedule.

My highlights have been

Going Weekly

Going Weekly and Future Articles

It's time to "level up" and make Dice Song weekly. This should improve the writing quality over time!

I also need to think about what I can be doing for readers and making the blog easier to navigate and a little prettier.

Themes for upcoming articles include...

  • Writing prompts and some writing experiments
  • Travelling solo for work and pleasure
  • Storytelling. I write about games of collaborative storytelling, but I've never been confident about my own storytelling skills...
  • Side projects and creativity

Finishing Up

Well hope you're enjoying Dice Song if you've read this far!

Any suggestions for articles or topics?

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