A Sense of Peace

This morning I went to the market in Bolhão for a coffee and to people watch. And then I had no pressing need to accomplish anything or go anywhere... A Momentary Moment It

A New City of Portugal

I've moved cities in Portugal, so thinking about what it means. New City, Old City The new city is actually Vila Nova de Gaia, just across the Douro from Porto and

Reflecting on....Blogs

So today's blog is another quick one, with the random subject of Reflect on..Blogs Blogs to Reflect On Today is one of those in-between times, as I'm meant

Sketchings and Paintings of 2023

Here's a post of some art I did last year. Second time. Drawing in 2023 Following on from a post last year on my 2022 drawing, here's one for

Happy Yuletide Season

No grand post today! Just wishing you all the merry best! (taking a break for Yulemas / Natal) Be creative! Duncan