A Love of Podcasts and Audiobooks

I'm doing some articles on things I love (so far books, dance and creating), next up being Podcasts and Audiobooks. Friday Is Podcast Day Every Friday morning I get excited as I remember

Porto Coffee Creatives Books List

This is a continually updated list for my Porto Coffee Creatives Book Club for past and future books. [Photo by Tom Hermans on Unsplash] Books We've Read * The Artist's Way by Juliet Cameron

Starting a Creative Book Club

My coffee group for creatives in Porto has started a book club... [Photo by Tom Hermans on Unsplash] Continuing to Evolve Last year I started a Meetup in Porto - Coffee Creatives. It's

Sketching and Paint of the Year

Some of my exploring highlights of the year. A Weird Year Well I never thought I'd do a post about drawings from a year. But 2022 was another weird one. I think 2019