Side Projects

Next Iteration of Story Icons

tory Icons is a long term project for me. It started a few years ago on Chartopia as an experiment and has progressed with Pirates and Cyberpunk. It's an ongoing project which is fun, challenging and creative. And is also language-independent and has the potential to be much more.

Making It Easy with Sketching

Taking up sketching again in an easy way after a covid gap.

A Year of Writing Articles

I started the blog in June 2020 and have written articles fortnightly for most of it. It's been my side project during covid.

Story Icons. Part 2 - of Punk and Pirates

In the first article on Story Icons [https://www.dicesong.

Plant-Based Instant Soups - A Practical Side Project

Homemade food to take with you, add hot water to

Story Icons Project. Part 1 - Starting with Chartopia

This is the first part of a series covering one

Questions when Considering a new Side Project

Coming up with ideas for side projects is fun. Before

A Side Project Blog on Creativity (and Side Projects)

A New Blog. A New Side Project. Do you have