Ways to Increase Creativity

Ways to Increase Creativity

Thinking about and looking at some ways to increase creativity.

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The Muscles of Creativity

Creativity has no objective way of measuring it. It's not like height or blood pressure with a defined way to calculate and define it.

However, it is like a muscle which will increase and grow more powerful with use and repetition and training.

Here are some ways you can increase your creativity.

Paying Attention to the World

The world around us is a fascinating place if we choose to look at it. It might be that you listen to your dreams, take a visual look by drawing the things around you.

By being curious and following what you are interested. Whether it's a lifelong passion such as plants and history or something that grabs you for a week or month like a TikTok dance or fascination with a particular artist.

Setting Up your Creative Inputs.

I'm strong into the concept of managing the creative inputs in your life.

Know the ways you consume media. Be it books, films, podcasts, museums, theatre, Youtube, Netflix, Instagram, or music.

Have a few things that inspire you. Or pick out a few things on your "to watch list" (or equivalent). Try a podcast on a new subject or follow an interesting artist on Insta.

What we see, listen to and pay attention creeps into our creativity, dreams and thoughts.

Fun and Play

Play is not a thing just for children. It is a part of adult life too. It can be in what you do and also the way you do it. And also sure to fire up those creative thoughts.

Playing a new game, being foolish, trying out some improvisation. Watching a new comedy, thinking of ludicrous rhymes. Not taking yourself too seriously, spending more time with lighthearted friends or loved ones.

Think about what you find fun. Or fun things you would like to try. Which ideas alone make you smile? Are there easy ways to add them into your life?

Being around children is also an easy way to bring in more play into your life!

Being Creative

Another easy way to increase creative muscles is to be creative. To make and experiment within existing modes or trying out new ones.

Again think about something creative you can try easily. Go along to that local art gallery, sign up for a village pantomime, start a book of sketches.

Try a new class, draw using strange materials, try a new knitting technique, redesign part of your garden, dance around the room (or try a dance lesson), sing in the shower, be someone's creative partner, write a play no-one is ever meant to read, read some poetry aloud, build a simple app, make a variation on a favourite meal, start a new language, take up an old hobby, pick up an instrument that's been lying around, go for a walk in a new place...

Whatever works for you.

Finishing Up

I haven't talked health, new challenges, creative partners or other creative ideas but there's always other blog posts.

Happy Creativity.



Duncan is an aspiring creative nomad, who publishes random lists and tools for roleplaying games. Hobbies include salsa, games, books, podcasts, languages and history.
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