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Creative Audiobooks for 2023

Following on previous articles on Audiobooks and Podcasts, here are creative audiobooks for 2023. These are available in dead tree formats too. I haven't linked to the Audiobooks as I don&

Creative Podcasts for 2023

My annual post for creative podcasts! The 4th Year has fewer recommendations. Blindboy Podcast This is the main one for me of the year creative wise is the Blindboy Podcast. Blindboy is an

Starting a Creative Book Club

My coffee group for creatives in Porto has started a book club... [Photo by Tom Hermans on Unsplash] Continuing to Evolve Last year I started a Meetup in Porto - Coffee Creatives. It&

A Love of Books

Part of my recent self-development has been identifying passions and being able to talk about them. One of these has always been books. Or reading them specifically. I had a past article on