Creative Audiobooks for 2022

Following on previous articles on Audiobooks [

5 Ways to Become a Better Writer

I'm not a great writer. But I do manage to

Lugares Favoritos no Porto

Uma tour dos melhores locais para mim no Porto. Lugares

Maneiras para aprender línguas

Há muitas maneiras para praticar uma língua. Aqui estão ideias

Recursos para Melhorar o Português Europeu

Este é o meu segundo artigo em Português [https://www.

Creative Podcasts for 2022

Continuing a tradition of 1 post per year recommending podcasts

5 Useful But Affordable Things for Travelling Light

I like to travel with carry-on luggage. But also with a laptop and a second screen and a few books (which get priority over most other items) So here are a few other items you might find useful and make the cut.

5 Ways to Use and Enjoy Music

Music is a big part of life but sometimes we take it for granted. Here are a few ways to enjoy or use it.

5 Useful Tools for a Fantasy World Builder

So you might like to build fantasy worlds. For creative writing, collaborative stories, for games or for fun. Here are 5 tools to help you out

Creative Audiobooks for 2021

Here are 5 more creativity-themed audiobooks. Listening times rounded to the nearest half hour!