Open to Abundance

Random Reward Rolls

Looking at ways to use randomness in a positive way. [Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash] Positive Randomness Randomness and uncertainty are part of life, some welcome and some not. Unwelcome ones might

Local Exploring

While exploring far away places is fun, we can often find interesting places closer to home. Devon Exploring A few years ago I returned to Devon after a winter away, and wondering why

Food For The Creative Soul

Life is a journey, and we all need our creative foods. What are the Foods for your Soul at the moment? [Photo by Edgar Castrejon [

Open to Ideas

One of the creative ideas for the site is being "Open to Abundance" [], which got me thinking about being open to ideas and theories of others. [Photo

Open to Abundance

Replacing one of the blog's creative messages Iterating to Evolve with a Replacement Message As one of the themes of Dice Song is creativity it has three creative messages [