Understanding our Emotions

If you're not someone in tune with your emotions it

Annual Check In - Questions

Looking for annual blog posts to do. (Also switched to

Peace at the Lavandaria

Having times and places where we can sit and do

We Can All Dance

Everyone can dance, even if it's mostly in their heads.

Picking 5 Things to do of a Morning

Trying to get to 5 things you'd do every morning

5 Ways to Use and Enjoy Music

Music is a big part of life but sometimes we take it for granted. Here are a few ways to enjoy or use it.

Writing Letters To Ourselves

Recently I found a letter labelled "Duncan" with a date after which it was ok to open. It was from myself.

What Changes do you Want to Hold on to?

As we start to look to the future, it's worth considering what things we want to keep...

The Importance of Physical Books

The importance of the books. The type you can touch

Keeping Life Going with Habits

Habits come, habits go, and Covid comes to wreck and