A Ramble... on Travel

It's been a time of closed doors and open hearts and changes everywhere. Of people desperate to let off steam or escape poverty. Of those who can and those who can't. We don't need to travel. We could live our lives happy as our ancestor did, in the same village, not going much distance.

5 Useful But Affordable Things for Travelling Light

I like to travel with carry-on luggage. But also with a laptop and a second screen and a few books (which get priority over most other items) So here are a few other items you might find useful and make the cut.

The Land of Port: A Tale of Short Words:

The Land of Port There is a land next to Spain. Not part of it as some may think. But a proud land with a long past of its own. I went first when young, with my kin and went back lot of times since. And I went once more in June of this year.